When it comes to choosing windows for your home or project, the debate often centers around Aluminum and UPVC.

Let's delve into the key differences:



Aesthetically Versatile

Most people find UPVC doors and windows ugly and feel that it spoils the look of their houses 

Unlimited Color Options - Aluminum windows can be powder coated to any color the customer wishes to have including a wood finish look unlike UPVC windows 

UPVC windows are available in very limited color options restricting the freedom to match diverse house designs and customer needs/ choices.

Durability - Aluminum windows are much more longer lasting than UPVC windows. They can last for more than 20 years

Shorter life span compared to aluminum windows, typically lasting for 10 years hence requiring sooner replacement than their aluminum counterparts.

Cost  - While initial costs are slightly higher, aluminum windows prove cost-effective in the long run due to their extended lifespan, and the benefits stated above.

Initially more budget-friendly, UPVC windows may incur higher long-term costs as they may need replacement sooner than aluminum windows.

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